Sticker Business Cards: 2 In 1 Promo Tool

Are you looking to add something extra to your business cards? Look no further than our sticker business cards. As the name suggests, this two-in-one product is both a business card and sticker with one side displaying your contact details (like your average business card) and the other having an easy-to-peel sticker. You’ll be right on-trend when handing your potential clients your business card by not only ensuring that they get all of your contact info but also giving them some free sticker swag. Both unique and versatile, this addition to our product range will provide the receiver something to talk about.

Like a typical business card, the sticker business cards are used to promote yourself and your business. Adding a creative, beautifully designed sticker does not only make your card interactive but can also be used as an additional promotional marketing tool. You’ll essentially be getting two ways to promote your business in one beautifully packaged business card. Whether you’re an artist, designer, or photographer, our sticker business cards are a great way to promote your work subtly and easily.

sticker backing on colorplan

Get Creative With Textures

Our sticker business cards are two-ply, so you can get creative with two different textures. On the front side, where your contact info is displayed, you have the option of using any of our paper stock. From pure white stock to bright pink colorplan, the options are vast. The back side of the card is the sticker which you have the option of using a super matte or super gloss finish. 

Plenty Of Sticker Options

Even though on a business card, you’ll have options when it comes to the shape, size, and quantity of stickers. You’ll have the option of one big sticker on the entire back of the card or multiple little sticker designs that be individually peel off when needed. Your stickers can also be any shape you want - we take pride in creating a custom sticker for your business cards.

easy to peel sticker business cards

Easy-To-Peel Stickers

No matter what shape or size your sticker side of your sticker business card,  we provide all our customers with stickers that are easy to peel. Those who receive your business card will have a stress-free, seamless experience when removing their sticker from the business card.

Sticker Business Cards Pricing

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